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Local businesses feel the competitive pressures daily.  Constantly seeking ways to grow organically both online and off is a daily event.  How to get the marketing tools, expertise in-house and budgeted time are the biggest constraints.  There is hope.
Digital marketing is evolving daily.  Don’t get left behind by the local and online competition.  At DigiGirls, we think a nimble digital marketing approach will produce long-lasting, quantifiable results.  Our 3 digital marketing plans will allow your business to scale-up or down anytime to augment your marketing efforts.

Site Analysis

How well does your local business rank online? Business owners with scarce time to check can just jump right in with one of our 3 digital marketing subscription plans to get started.

Social Media

Build your brand, focus on your fans. Social media management to get your posts out around your latest products, updates, and events is key to building loyal followers. Let us help.

Search Engine Marketing

SEO has evolved. Content driven consumer buying paths are key to building up your SEO. Add in videos and your conversions for online and in-store traffic can increase 80%+.

Content Mastery

If Content is King, then Video is Queen! Crafting regular content for your fans, followers, and prospects is a must. Online and in-store visitors demand it today.

Digital Marketing Subscriptions



90% of online trust begins with Web design. It affects the way people perceive your brand, leading to sustained website traffic, SEO effectiveness, in-store visit conversions, and more!

Gain Local Clientele

  • 5 client-led, uniquely designed pages (WordPress) + Free WPEngine Hosting and Domain (₱2,500/Month Value)
  • Social Media Management: biweekly posting and daily monitoring, Choose one:
  • SEO Focused Campaign using Moz
  • Site Analysis using Moz

₱48,999/ mo

How’s it work?


Local business visibility is everything to your business.

How do most businesses balance the need for local in-store customers with the expense of maintaining an online presence to bring them thru the door?  It’s tough.

There is hope.  With our Starter Subscription, businesses can now justify the trade-off to get the best online digital marketing presence without the tremendous amount of time needed to get what they want and keep their online brand fresh.

Since 90%+ of new customer decisions are based on how your online brand is represented let DigiGirls take the lead and work with you and your staff to put your best foot forward online.


Grow your brand online and off with our best practices leveraging Site Analysis, Content Mastery, and SEO.

Online and In-Store

  • 10+ client-led, uniquely designed pages (WordPress) + Free WPEngine Hosting and Domain (₱2,500/Month Value)
  • Content Mastery: 1 Monthly Business Blog (300-600 words)
  • Social Media: daily posting and monitoring, Choose two:
  • SEO Focused Campaign using Moz
  • Site Analysis: Monthly scorecards based on company goals using Moz

₱74,999/ mo

How’s it work?


Boost your online and local in-store brand with marketing best practices leveraging our customized Site Analysis, Content, and SEO.

Our Growth Subscription focuses on businesses who have their brand presence and are determined to get to the next level online and locally building deeper brand awareness.

Site Analysis is the place to start to gain a better understanding of meeting your brand’s goals.  Leverage best practices for design and usability to organically grow your local and online following.

Content Mastery gives your customers the product knowledge they need to keep coming back for more.  It’s also a way to pull in more online and local in-store traffic.  Choose the frequency of reaching out to your followers and prospects, let DigiGirls do the rest.

Search Engine Marketing is the bread and butter of your business online and off.  Long term planning is best.  Plan ahead.


Leverage your online and offline marketing expertise to push into regional, national or even international waters.

Land and Expand

  • Everything in Starter and Growth Subscriptions + PLUS:
  • Display Advertising using AdRoll
  • eCommerce Site Analysis
  • Web Application development (Site enhancement)
  • Video Creation (Promotional video, animation and etc.) 30-second Promotional Video included.

₱128,999/ mo

How’s it work?


Land and expand to build out your brand.

Is the brand you built now taking off and needs to be managed online to make sure it fits the bill for each target market?

Look no further than our Advanced Subscription which allows you and your team to work directly on the things that matter most to you, with our Digital Marketing experts.  Whether it’s Local, Regional, National or even International SEO Campaigns, we are there for you.

Our team hails from the best in the internet industry, digital marketing, and media.  Working hand in hand with our local experts we can help you increase your online and in-store income, increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, all the while enabling you and your team to think creatively, out of the box with your digital marketing initiatives.  We are with you.

Get onboard a DigiGirls Subscription to take your business to the next level.