If someone would ask me what’s my favorite thing to do in Hong Kong is, I’d probably say  “getting lost” while “having fun”.

While Hong Kong is one of the the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it is not just a financial center and major trade hub, it’s also known for being a must visit destination for travelers.

As a marketer it’s always fun and exciting to go to different places and explore new things while seeking out local companies doing cool things along the way. I sometimes get to fly out into different countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and just recently Hong Kong. As part of my job, I’m always looking to make the leap into the exciting world of travel.



Getting out of the bed early in the morning to see the sun rising above the horizon can be an awesome feeling to start a day. Being amazed in the big city, I’m also planning to go to different tourist spots around the city were mostly traveler’s first bucket lists. When you’re planning to do some activities just be sure you have your tourist map of Hong Kong and of course don’t forget your Google maps. I’m kinda stressed out trying to decide how to spend my time on my one week stay.

First things first: Here I come Victoria Peak! One of the most popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong and has it’s best view of the city and it’s waterfront.  I am always into tours wherever and whatever that is. As a traveler I always have my iPhone ready so I won’t missed the breathtaking, fabulous panoramic views of the City. I catch the Peak Tram, back and forth as it’s the quickest way to get to Victoria Peak. Best day indeed!


What on earth do Pet Supplies have to do on a trip to Hong Kong you might ask?  A lot apparently as they are one of the top types of businesses trying to integrate their systems on our largest client’s solution, SyncApps.  Working at DigiGirls I market SyncApps so on this trip to Hong Kong I also dropped in to see the Premium Pet Supplies Expo which has some cute pets and busy business owners.

Check out some of our subscribers who attended the Premium Pet Supplies Expo for some cool eCommerce players! #CHINA #SYNCAPPS


It’s so easy to get around when you’re strolling in the big city. It is always been overwhelming to me as I experienced such a crowded and a busy street all day and night. On my daily exploring I went to Hong Kong’s largest and busiest markets, one of which is Mong Kok, where you can buy inexpensive and unique souvenirs.

After exploring Mong Kok I ended up in Times Square, the first of its kind “vertical mall” in Hong Kong. Unexpectedly, as I strolled through the Mall I looked out the 7th floor window and this cool business name caught my eye, Rabbit Cave tattoo shop. I thought what a cool business to see if our services might be a fit for their website, if they had even had one.  After heading up to see if the owner was in I was amazed by his artwork and business layout in general. The first thing attract me in his tattoo shop was it’s very organize and clean. I have always been looking for a good tattoo artist and I do believe that a good tattoos aren’t cheap, and cheap tattoos are not good.  So after talking with Gon, the owner, about his business.  I had the most unforgettable moment come in my life as I decided to allow him to create some style on my skin. After picking the design and setting my appointment he hired an English interpreter for me to understand everything he spoke when we did the tattoo session.

Thankfully, I got what I really wanted with a simple design and no regrets at all.

Getting lost in Hong Kong has its pluses!