Social media is proliferating. With lots of people joining social media each day and using them efficiently, the industry tends to become extensive in few more years. With such growth, every business needs to leverage social media channels and use them effectively to target audience around popular social networks.

Social media is vital to the success of an e-commerce business. Most of social media users follow a particular brand on social media. Social media is where you find your audience, and measure how well you interact with them. Also, social media interactions have a big say whether that follower becomes your customer.

A study from Sprout Social showed that 74% of shoppers make their buying decisions based on social media. Customers are looking everywhere on the internet including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for reviews and opinions from shoppers. A survey from PwC showed that 45% of respondents said reading reviews, comments from social influencers and referrals from online users influence their buying decisions. Customers are trying to see whether your business and products are worthy of their investment. To increase return on investment, you have to make this opportunity count.

Here are some ways you can make your social media a profitable marketing tool:

Find the right channels

To make your campaign a success, you should throw content to where your audience is. So far, Facebook is the largest platform, thus, making it the best channel for e-commerce businesses. Twitter is the second most popular, and Instagram has now become more famous for B2C marketers.

Persuade your audience

Give your audience a reason to like your page. Likes are not given but earned. A like is a transaction of trust, and people only like pages and products they find interesting. Give users an incentive to like your page by creating exciting and relevant content, and by offering a reward.

Leverage existing customers

Most customers are likely to purchase an item or service through positive reviews or based on a friend’s suggestion. Take this as an opportunity by encouraging your loyal customers to share your store or site with their followers. You can also offer gift cards where they can share with their family and friends. By giving your customers discounts, they are more likely like your page and recommend your store or site with their social followers.

Show your value

One great way to gain valuable customer feedback is by giving online surveys. You can also offer rewards in exchange for honest feedback, and that feedback can be placed on your website and social media to earn audience’s trust. By doing this, you can also gauge your business’ marketing effectiveness. However, if the feedback isn’t what you anticipated, you can still work on improving your services to meet your customers’ needs.

Build relationships with social influencers

Social influencers play a vital role in your social media strategy. It has been an effective marketing strategy where you make a connection with a credible influencer to promote your product or company. Social influencers have massive organic followers. First, they gain followers because they have built trust and credibility, second, they have excellent networking skills. If you wish to engage to an influencer, one great way is to compensate them. A reward for every referral would be worth it if they can push more customers to your site.

Social media is an excellent tool for building brand awareness and trust with customers. Through these channels, you can drive traffic to your website –creating more customers, and that’s where you get a return on investment. Once you bring customers in, you have to work more to keep them. Keeping loyal customers by giving rewards will ultimately bring more customers in and ROI to your business.