Online and Local Marketing is easier than you think.

Your local, woman–owned digital marketing agency provides your business both online and offline turn-key solutions to save you time and eliminate the technical hurdles needed to successfully build your online and offline presence.

As your business increases in both online visitors and local brick & mortar foot traffic it is key to have a local agency to be with you all the way. A beautiful, custom-designed website will differentiate you apart from the local competition. Let DigiGirls subscription based digital marketing team be your partner online and offline to bring customers to your door.

Digital Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Engage with prospects and get the conversation started by building trust and generating great content

Every email sent to a potential or current customer to advertise new products or request business, with the purpose of encouraging customer loyalty and acquiring new customers, could be considered email marketing.

Email marketing is one great way to engage with your customers. Connect with your current and potential customers in a personalized way. It’s way cheaper, less hassle, and it has a larger reach than any medium in the marketing toolkit as anyone who is online has an active email address. So when it comes to connecting with your prospects and customers, there’s no channel better than email.

Social Media

Build your brand

Social media is designed to let people know about your latest products, updates, and events. It is used mostly in businesses to engage directly with your target audience. 

It’s a phenomenal way to increase traffic to your website by increasing your brand recognition. Maximize the reach of your content and lift your social visibility online. Every post you make will reach out to a broad audience, and every site visit is an opportunity for prospects to engage with your brand. Social media is also the “new thing” for every business. Keep people going your way; building trust and credibility around your brand and steadily increasing higher conversion rates on your existing traffic.

Site Analysis

Keep track of your visitors’ activities and measure your website’s traffic

DigiGirls gets tons of calls each week from business owners talking about how they don’t rank and what can be done to help their website. Or our existing clients call and say they want to rank for a new set of keywords. These are all run of the mill for DigiGirls, and that’s right — we jump right in to start to figure out what’s going on with the business site and how competitive is their online and local market.

If you’re a thriving business or clawing your way to the top, you’ve probably tried different tools and followed various metrics to help in your search for a way to boost your site’s visibility locally. You might have relied on top line metrics such as PageRank, Google Indexed Content, Domain Age, Alexa Ranking, Inbound Links (Link Domain) and similar metrics, but over time these have proven to be too narrow and not sufficient to create a full picture for your business. It’s hard to keep up.

Let our DigiGirls team of consultants deliver powerful search strategies for your brand locally and even across the globe if you need site ranking help.

Work with us to develop a technically sound and crawlable site, professional content that speaks the language of your local search audience, and increase your brand awareness to bring more customers thru the door or online.

Display Advertising

Target the right audience

Creating a display ad that is visually stimulating could easily get your business noticed online. However, don’t settle on just being seen as display advertisements that contain rich media content convert higher than snazzy ad copy.

Ask yourself, is it easy for customers to buy your product online or at your brick and mortar locations. How? By looking at the whole customer journey and spotting any barriers that make it difficult for people to convert. DigiGirls makes display ads that simply work toward that goal. We then plan, build and launch tests to identify the most effective display ads with  

We work together with you to generate increased awareness and perception of your brand. The goal is to show ads that help direct traffic to your website and aim to convert traffic into online and walk-in sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Establish a stable online presence and higher search visibility

Drive more traffic to your website and increase both online and walk-in sales by building your online visibility and making sure customers can find you online. SEO optimizes your web site’s structure, design, content, and links to generate more prospective customers and improve rankings. Search engines lift your website or content and show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.

We put our collective heads together to formulate sounds strategies for your industry niche and online presence, boosting your local SEO to drive more onsite traffic. The Creative team then brings these strategies to life for your business with solid, repeatable SEO results. End result equates to more sales!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A strategy that drives business to your site

What is SEM? Every buyer’s journey starts with search. At the beginning of the buyer’s journey, they would first look up a particular product, and websites that ranked top always gets the first visit; This is where SEM comes into play.

SEM uses paid search ads to gain more traffic through search, generate high-quality prospective customers, and increase sales. It is just one key component of your business’ overall marketing strategy. Our Digital Marketing team optimizes the techniques and strategies from SEO to paid search or SEM. We set specific goals and organize keywords, driving traffic to a landing page that gives all the relevant information a customer needs. End result is higher sales via online purchase and/or walk-in traffic to your store.