Growing your business clientele is easier than you think.

Your fully-managed, turn-key website platform eliminates content update hassles and makes it easy to market your business both offline and online.

A beautiful, custom-designed window into your local business via a cool website sets you apart from the competition. Let the DigiGirls team bring customers to your site and thru your doors today.

Creative Services

Web Design

Harness the bond between your company and your website

Your site’s design affects your entire online presence as well as how current clients and potential ones perceive your products and brand.  A phenomenal, inspiring web design can be a huge swaying factor that influences trust among your local and online customers; It is as compelling as your content. From an aesthetic view, web design encompasses more than just your SEO, traffic, branding, and conversion rates but ultimately defines your business face to your target market.

A key HubSpot survey found that ~ 76% of users said that the most important factor in the design of a website was that “The website makes it easy for me to find what I want.” Only 10% of users said, “beautiful appearance” was the most important thing to them.

That said, let DigiGirls introduce you to our process of designing a website that meets your end customers need to quickly find what they are looking for product wise, schedule an appointment or just get to know your business before an on-site visit.

Web Development

Building a site that suits your business

A well-designed website is a strong marketing strategy which emphasizes the company’s identity –making your business triumph in today’s highly competitive business world.

A company that wants to compete in both online and offline market must have a professional website. Our Development Team works on structuring your site with a custom design that suits your business. Ensuring you are provided with a professionally- created website that is crucial to your business. Working in tandem and close cooperation with our Graphics and Development Team, you will be able to attain a fresh and responsive website that gets customers heading your way both online and offline.

Content Mastery

Content is king

Great content today is the SEO secret which determines your website’s success. Content marketing is a strategic approach that focuses on creating a valuable and relevant content –not just posting items on your social media feeds. Your content also helps boost your SEO.

With people being up to speed these days with how to spot bogus content quickly, an awesome content marketing strategy is one essential way to gain your target market’s interest.

DigiGirls excel at listening to our client’s business goals and how they make money both online and offline to craft a relevant content strategy for their overall subscription based marketing program.  Bottom line is your customers need to know the latest and greatest products you have and how-to’s from the expert, you.  Let us show you how to bring this message home to existing and new local customers.

Video Creation

A picture is worth 1000 words ~ one Video is worth 100,000

Building out your own fanatical video content SEO strategy takes time and lots of patience.

With DigiGirls our Video Creative team can get you up and running with people, product, and process videos within a couple of hours. We will also help you in defining and implementing a video goal-driven strategy for your business.

Many online agencies often fail at this, simply because they don’t know how SEO works. Most local agencies don’t really comprehend the SEO fallout of embeds or pointing to YouTube and Vimeo or others rather than to their own company’s website.

Our process at DigiGirls looks at your whole digital marketing strategy determining what the look and feel of the existing content is, working out what goal best suits that content or create new content instead, and finally implementing the appropriate technical optimization for your online video marketing strategy.  End result is more sales online and via walk-ins to your location.