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Wallow Massage was seeking the right web approach

Wallow is a health and wellness studio that offers different types of body massage. It is a newly-born business located at Cagayan Town Center, CDO. From scratch, Wallow hired DigiGirls (DG) seeking for the right approach to gain traffic and establish an online reputation. They needed experts for Web Design and Development that could build trust and attract customers.

Our Creative team at DG meticulously developed everything from structuring a responsive design, and everything that involved the visual aesthetics –graphic design, logo, layout, storyboards, and color palettes. Wallow is now introduced into the online market with a professionally-created website that is essential in emphasizing the company’s identity.

In addition to their well-designed site, DG introduces Wallow to the most-used channel nowadays, Social Media. DG manages the page for services updates and events. Social Media has increased Wallow’s brand recognition and online visibility. The launching of the website and online updates has increased Wallow’s walk-in customers and higher conversion rates.

DigiGirls subscriber, Wallow, shares how they expanded their business with digital marketing

DigiGirls subscriber, Wallow Massage & Wellness founder, talks about how he expanded their business with digital marketing in #CDO.

Posted by DigiGirls Digital Marketing Agency on Thursday, September 13, 2018


  • Increased Facebook post likes 50% with targeted millennial ads
  • Social post reach boosted 125% in Higalaay festival month
  • Walk-in clientele mentioning social media as reason for visit up 35%


Increased Facebook post likes


Social post reach boosted


Walk-in clientele