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Helping Inkincyde solve inbound traffic problems

Meet Inkincyde, not your run of the mill tattoo studio. This Women-Owned business thrives in the heart of Cagayan de Oro City that is known for its high-quality tattoo designs, body piercings, and artwork. The studio has a strong brand identity in the local market but wasn’t gaining solid search exposure and visibility so they decided to reach out to another local Woman-Owned business, DigiGirls (DG), to help them solve the problem.

What they needed from our team was Search Engine Optimization to rank in the search engine results without spending too much on keyword advertising or On-page optimization since they are a young 2 years old thriving business now.

Redesigned their website’s structure

Our DG Creative team redesigned their website’s structure from URL structure, title page, meta descriptions, content and tattoo-focused keywords. In addition, our Video Creation team created an awesome video that draws in more walk-in and onsite customers. Inkincyde has now reached higher google rankings resulting in a high impact to their sales.


  • Increased ease of use on mobile boosting user interaction by 41.7%
  • Boosted web-traffic a staggering 31.1%
  • Ranked search for “tattoo in CDO” to #1 place on Google
  • Traffic spiked by 88% in the first month resulting in new in-store visits by 15%


Mobile boosting user interaction by 41.7%


Web Traffic




New Store Visits