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“We aim to help you transform into something you have always wanted to be, FIT”

Fit To Fight, the #1 Fitness eSports company in CDO sought out our DigiGirls local marketing expertise to help them a message to their prospects during the Holiday season in Cagayan de Oro with the messaging, “We aim to help you transform into something you have always wanted to be, FIT.”


Increase local fitness instructors interaction and FTF brand awareness during the 2017 Higalaay Festival. It’s the Cagayan de Oro Fiesta month and the beginning of Holiday season in the city.


A local marketing campaign using word of mouth which included a FTF Multicab, FTF Ninja Motorcycles & Motocross bikes which felt like a quick and targeted way to create local buzz.

The best approach for this? We started with a marketing new landing pages with the FTF team for the instructors of FTF wearing branded shirts and shorts while being near the FTF Ninja Motorcycles & Motocross bikes and Multicab.

Each new landing page for FTF focused on the fighters and trainers participating in the local festival events. The pages each contained videos of trainers in action created by our Video Creation gurus!


A successful launch of the FTF site, resulting in:

  • 9+ new trainers onboarded as FTF instructors
  • Bambi Sports endorsements acquired for new FTF initiatives
  • Gaisano Mall Digital Ad creative approval for Fall 2017