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Building out the ACB brand to increase clinic traffic

ACB Dental, a Woman-Owned business offering high-quality dental services using the latest technology, X-MIND Trium. With 15 years of professional experience, ACB Dental is known as the #1 dental clinic in Cagayan de Oro.

ACB team entrusted our DigiGirls Marketing team to enhance their local business marketing and gain more customers. First things first, we started with our design for the online presence to match their state of the art facility at CTC, Cagayan Town Center, the hottest spot in Cagayan.  We provide our subscription-based marketing clients, like ACB, subscription services, from content creation, videography, social media brand management, web design and web development. As social media is the easiest and fastest way to communicate people nowadays, even a dentist can enjoy the benefits.


Managing the brand

In providing an awesome local, brand focused website, DigiGirls manages the full ACB brand, positioning it as one of the best dental clinics in the area. Since the website launch, increase in foot traffic, Facebook inquiries and online appointments/scheduling have doubled!


  • Uptick in Facebook Likes by 80% on Dental promos in 2017
  • Boosted company reviews by outbound Facebook messaging 22%
  • Inbound clinic visits 12%


Organic Facebook Likes


Boosted company reviews


Inbound clinic visits