5 Creative Ways to Save Time Managing Your Shopify Store

By now, you already know that Shopify eCommerce software is the most optimized for human interaction.

I mean, it is hard to get any other platform where you can own a gorgeous personalized online store without any design skills.

Shopify is an entrepreneur’s biggest friend. It handles everything from marketing and payment to secure checkouts and shipping.

But there is still more that you can do with Shopify.

Today, I will share a few secrets about how you can save time managing your Shopify store.

Effective time management is crucial for entrepreneurs and marketers. When you don’t waste it on things that could be automated, you can work on growing your business.

1. Analyze Your Biggest Time Sinks

This seems so obvious, and we shouldn’t even be talking about it, but we have all found ourselves wasting time on tasks that add zero value to our businesses.

Discipline is a very important virtue. Don’t ditch it when you go online. Try and create a schedule of your activities. From there, you can decide what activities are irrelevant and ditch them.

Whenever you want to add something to the list, first ask yourself what that task’s real value to your business is. Do you really need to do it? Remember, this is not the same as saying that something needs to be done.

Some tasks may be important. But they can also be delegated or automated. Speaking of which…

2. Automate Some of Your Business Tasks

Running an eCommerce shop can be tedious. You must follow up on customers, ask about their satisfaction, wrap up orders, create new campaigns — all in the name of building satisfaction. But this need not be hard if you automate some parts of the business. There is nothing better at doing this like SyncApps.

With SyncApps, you can set up your integration between apps, so that when your sync occurs, such as a new customer, it moves over to your email marketing app to send such as a thank-you email and many other cool automation.

SyncApps are very lightweight, easy to set up and will help you save time. This will, in turn, make managing your e-commerce shop effortless.

3. Think about Outsourcing Some Services

You might be shocked at the amount of time you and your staff spend on the phone each day. Sales calls, customer inquiries, recruitment activities are just some of the day-to-day tasks. Of course, the more inbound calls you receive means your business is growing.

But it may be costly and time wasting too. So why not outsource some of the administrative and marketing tasks? You will be surprised at how much time and money you can save. Not to mention real estate – with a smaller team, you may not need that huge office.

4. Streamline Your Order Fulfillment

Having a good website with all the bells and whistles is not the only ingredient you need if you want your business to succeed. There are lots of other small things that can make a difference. You have to make your customers happy. Without them, your business will not prosper.

For example, it is so frustrating for a customer to order a product, only to be told later that it is out of stock. What about packaging? How long does it take? Such things may happen outside of the website but will affect how people view your firm. You should, therefore, identify flaws in your processes and find a way to fix them once and for all.

5. Email Lists

Emails are a great way of building relationships with your customers. Your interaction does not have to end as soon as a customer completes his or her purchase. You need to do follow-ups using email.

In order to get things going, you need to use tools such as SyncApps. These will help you create a rule that helps you make the best of your customers’ contact details. Right out of Shopify, without any intervention from you!

We hope that these tricks will not only save you time, but also keep your marketing team and, most importantly, your customers happy.